Top 17 Food Trucks in LA 2019

A rotating crop of seasonal items (like egg rolls and pork belly mac & cheese) round out the offerings, giving you extra reasons to keep coming back to Trang’s mobile paradise.  If you need something like “extra” reasons, that is.


Pork Belly Fried Rice – Heaps of coconut-braised pork belly mixe with veggies, three scrambled eggs and one over-easy egg that flows through the whole shebang & unifies all flavors.

10 Los Angeles Food Trucks To Try Right Now

It showcases organic ingredients between crusty baguettes and atop rice bowls. Their fluffy soft-omelette egg banh mi is especially good, dressed with cilantro, cucumber slices, pickled daikon and carrot strands, spicy red jalapeño, and soy sauce. Pork belly works particularly well in a rice bowl starring tender meat braised with garlic, shallots, peppercorns, and coconut milk.